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Lowen Color Graphics specializes in fleet rebranding intiatives.

Power of Fleet Graphics

Vehicle graphics transform your fleet into an invaluable marketing tool. Whether running errands, answering service calls or making deliveries, your vehicle graphics can generate millions of impressions for pennies. Compare a traditional ½ page newspaper ad at $10.89 CPM to our low cost of $.18 CPM, the value is undeniable.

Consumers are rightfully concerned with the professional image of the brands they choose. As you know, first impressions are everything. The visual representation that we provide gives your brand a voice that will be impossible to miss. As our customers can attest, premium quality graphics from Lowen will strengthen your professional image and reveal your brand to a large and previously untapped audience.

According to the American Trucking Association, an effective graphic can generate 16 million visual impressions a year. At that rate, you can’t afford the loss of potential business. After all, you already own the space. Now turn that blank canvas into opportunity.