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Through Agile Fleet Branding™, Lowen Color Graphics packages experienced project management, award winning creative services, unbeatable production capacity, dedicated installation coordinators, online information portal and certified installation — all from one reliable and proven source. Agile Fleet Branding™ allows you to leave the details to us, ensuring success through simplicity.


Our unmatched production capacity allows us to base your installation time line on your schedule — not ours. There is no company with more experience, more human resources or more manufacturing capacity to successfully manage large-scale, complex and nationwide fleet branding initiatives than Lowen.


Your installations will be completed on-location by members of the Lowen Installation Alliance, our national network of Lowen Certified and 3M Preferred™ Graphics Installers — many of whom are trained and tested by our own 3M Certified expert installers at the Lowen Certified Installation Training and Testing Center in accordance with 3M guidelines. This network enables us to coordinate application and removal of your graphics anywhere, anytime, within the United States and Canada.

Project Management

Your installations will be managed by a dedicated installation coordinator with the support of our team of installation experts. They work hand in hand with your Lowen account manager, customer service representative and our production team to manage your complex branding project efficiently and effectively, while keeping your key personnel informed along the way.

Agile Customer Portal™

With the Agile Customer Portal™, our in-house IT group provides a custom online portal designed with your needs in mind. Standard options include:

  • Online Ordering
  • Reporting
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Installation Project Monitoring
  • And so much more!
  • All at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.