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Reflecting on Safety: How reflective graphics increase the safety of your fleet.

by Web Admin | Oct 12, 2015

A disproportionate number of accidents occur at night and when visibility is decreased. Low light and low contrast situations have been shown to increase reaction and stop times. Reflective graphics can be utilized at different levels, from full coverage to select overlays and on top of increasing your vehicles’ visibility, can also deliver as many as 50% more impressions – day and night.

3M reflective sheeting bounces light from streetlights and vehicle headlights back toward the eyes of surrounding drivers, making the vehicle appear brighter and easier to see. Reflective graphics are a cost effective way to increase the visibility of your fleet in low light situations, not only at night but also at dusk and during in-climate weather. 

Some worry that the use of reflective film can be expensive, however when used strategically with assistance from Lowen Color Graphics’ team of design experts, elements of reflective vinyl can increase your fleet’s visibility without breaking the bank. In the end, the cost savings from avoided accidents can easily eclipse the expense.

Lowen Color Graphics is an industry leader with a team of experts ready to find just the right mix of reflective vinyl to make your fleet both highly visible and recognizable within your budget. Contact us today to get started!