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Lowen Color Graphics Announces the Release of Agile Fleet Branding

by Web Admin | May 26, 2015

Hutchinson, KS — Lowen Color Graphics has announced the release of “Agile Fleet Branding,” the nation’s first single-source, turnkey solution designed specifically for fleet branding projects.

For 65 years Lowen Color Graphics has provided graphics to fleets of all sizes and in that time has become the nation’s largest and most experienced fleet graphics specialist. Their expertise includes every step of the fleet branding process – from design, to large scale production, certified expert installation and project management. They are now packaging these capabilities as “Agile Fleet Branding” — a powerful tool built from decades of experience successfully managing some of North America’s largest fleet branding programs.

“Our ability to handle every step of the fleet branding process in-house allows us to carefully orchestrate even the most complex fleet branding projects — to meet tight deadlines while also ensuring our high standard of superior quality, value and service throughout,” said Roger Borth, Executive Vice President and General Manager.

Last year, Lowen Color Graphics introduced the Lowen Installation Alliance, their industry-leading network of Lowen Certified/3M Preferred graphics installers — the nation’s largest and only of its kind. To join the Alliance, an installer is trained and tested at Lowen Certified, their 3M Preferred™ training and testing facility. Each installation project is analyzed and managed from start to finish by a dedicated team of installation project managers who oversee site surveys, space planning, and scheduling. Agile provides customers with convenient online access to updates including completion photos and progress reports throughout each project.

Lowen Color Graphics is a proven leader in large fleet branding projects. In 2014 they completed the rebranding of the US FOODS fleet, one of the largest in the country. 13,500 tractor trailer rigs needed old graphics removed and full coverage graphics installed in their place. Lowen produced all of the graphics in their Hutchinson, Kansas manufacturing facility while partnering with 30 teams from their network of certified installers who worked simultaneously throughout the nation. The project encompassed 37 separate locations in 28 states and was completed in just 24 months, start to finish.

Earlier this year they proved their mettle again when completed a project for Cablevision, a Northeastern U.S. telecom company. While a smaller project in scope, it offered some extra challenges in both its complexity and execution. The 2500 vehicles were a combination of Ford Transit Connects, jitneys, vans and utility trucks — each also needing removal of old graphics as well as installation of new full coverage graphics. The project had to be meticulously planned to ensure that each unit received the correct copy, the correct serial numbered decal, and the correct wrapped color out of the six choices. The installations were performed by members of the Lowen Installation Alliance at 31 separate locations, many of which had no indoor facilities, by Lowen Certified Installers. The entire project, from graphics production to installation, was completed within six months, with 80% completed within the first four.

“These are just two of hundreds of examples of successful fleet branding projects we have handled over the years,” said Darren Keller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing . “We provide experienced project management, award winning creative services, unbeatable production capacity, dedicated installation coordinators, online information portal and certified installation — all from one reliable source. Agile Fleet Branding allows you to leave the details to us, ensuring success through simplicity.”

To obtain a free quote on your next fleet branding project contact or call 800.835.2365.

Lowen Color Graphics, a division of Lowen Corporation, manufactures premium fleet graphics for the nation’s leading brands and trucking companies. The company’s advanced expertise coupled with a world-class production facility deliver superior brand solutions through every step of the fleet branding process, from creative design to production, installation and project management. Lowen Color Graphics is the only graphics manufacturer with a 3M Preferred™ installation training and testing facility, Lowen Certified. Lowen Color Graphics has built a reputation for dependability, quality of the highest standard and providing customers with superior value since 1950. For more information visit