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Recruit with your Fleet

by Web Admin | Aug 24, 2015


The driver shortage is not news to anyone in the trucking industry right now, and at the same time it is big news. Trucking remains the best way to get most cargo from point A to point B across the continent. The American Trucking Association recently announced that driver recruitment will be one of their lead topics at this year’s ATA Management Conference Exhibition in Philadelphia. With trucking employment almost back to its pre-recession peak, the problem is only expected to get worse. You can always build more trucks and increase the size of the fleet, but without good drivers willing to get behind the wheel, growth is limited.

There is talk that the solution is coming in the way of driverless trucks — just look at Google’s driverless car. There is no doubt that technology is in the works, but the amount of development, infrastructure, testing and regulation needed to make it a viable option also make it no help right now.

The problem is a complicated one with many causes but comes down to a few simple truths: in the current situation there is a limited pool from which to draw qualified drivers. The long term solution is to attract more people to the profession — again a complicated proposition and one that will need to be tackled by the industry as a whole. But in the short term, fleet managers need to take their message to where the drivers are.

We are seeing a trend of companies using fleet graphics to attract drivers on the road. The once simple “driver’s wanted” decal is being replaced by large, sometimes full coverage graphics with compelling messages luring current and potential drivers to find out more. A great example is Central Refrigerated Service, who uses one side of their trucks for general recruitment while using the other to specifically recruit those with a military background and to spread the word on their specialized training for active and retired military.

Your greatest weapon in the driver shortage could be the trucks you already have on the road. From full coverage graphics to overlaid messages, we can help you fully utilize your fleet as mobile recruitment tools — bringing the message to the road and the drivers to you! Contact us today to get started.