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Leaping Forward

by Web Admin | Jun 01, 2015

It is an exciting time at Lowen Color Graphics as we roll out our new HP Latex 3000 printer. This revolutionary, heat-cured latex printer is a leap forward for the industry — it’s not just better than the latex printers we had, it’s the best there is. 

So, what has us so excited? What’s so good about it?


Here is how the HP Latex 3000 compares to its predecessors:



• Faster Setup
• 2.5x times faster printing
• Dual media rolls (up to 60” each)



• Ink bonds solidly to material right off the printer, reducing the chance of damage and reprints
• Spot on panel to panel matching
• 1200 dpi resolution
• Larger color gamut
• Able to match 20% more Pantone colors within an acceptable range
• Superior color consistency and predictability from order to order


Here at Lowen Color Graphics we don’t just keep up with the times, we lead the pack. This is one more example of how we do that.


Check out this video for a little taste of why we are so excited.