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Lowen Color Graphics Partners to Shine Spotlight on Safety

by Katie Gilmore | Jan 31, 2014

Fleet graphics offer limitless possibilities. Any message can be broadcast on a vehicle. The California Trucking Association is leveraging fleet graphics to communicate the importance of “No-Zone” safety. “No-Zones” are dangerous truck blind spots, in which vehicles “disappear” from the view of the driver increasing the risk of accidents.


To grow awareness of “No-Zone” safety, CTA partnered with Lowen Color Graphics and Hyundai Translead. Vibrant, full-coverage trailer graphics were designed and produced by Lowen. The trailer graphics were designed to emphasis strategic messaging. A multiple-vehicle highway pictorial spans the trailer graphics. Yellow striping indicate dangerous “No-Zone” areas. Graphics installation was completed by trailer manufacturer Hyundai Translead at no cost.

The “No-Zone” message was introduced by the Federal Highway Administration to educate the public about how to safely share the road with commercial vehicles. Since the introduction of the “No-Zone” in 1994, organizations nationwide have worked to increase public recognition in an effort to influence the motoring public’s driving behavior.

KKW Trucking Inc., Mountain Valley Express and Dependable Highway Express have each added a “No-Zone” trailer to their fleet. KKW anticipates producing three more wrapped trailers in 2014, one trailer in each fiscal quarter. CTA’s goal is to have 10 – 12 trailers wrapped with “No-Zone” graphics by the end of 2014. “No-Zone” trailer wraps are a project of CTA’s public relations and image committee. 

An article was published in the December 23 issue of Transport Topics.